PERSONAL DATA //// He was born in 1958 in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires | Argentina).

EDUCATION //// A year before graduating as a chemical engineer, he dropped out of the University and entered the Escuela de Artes Visuales Martín Malharro in Mar del Plata. Argentina. There he completed his professional training and graduated in Graphic Design and Arts .

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE //// He has been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for clients both in the national and international market, such as Agustiner, Atento, Caja Popular de Ahorros de la Provincia de Tucumán, Cámara de Diputados de La Provincia de Buenos Aires, Coca Cola Export Corporation, CMS, Ilolay, Moscuzza, Mundo Marino, Municipalidad de Gral. Pueyrredón, Quick Food, Pepsi Cola, Supermercados Norte, Rohan, Telefónica de Argentina and YPF.
For the last ten years he has been managing his own studio, Brain, where he currently develops design projects. He also works as a teacher at Escuela de Artes Visuales Martin Malharro, in Mar del Plata, Argentina

ARTISTIC CAREER //// His academic training guided his career as a painter, which had started in 1982. He has participated in several national and international art events. His paintings have been exhibited at art galleries and museums that include Palais de Glass, Centro Cultural Recoleta Buenos Aires, Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino, Teatro Auditorium, Teatro General San Martín, Gallería Doppia V Lugano, among others. His works are part of private art collections in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Italy and Switzerland.